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"Nevertheless, We Persist"

To view a photographer's images, select their name. You will be taken to a separate page that houses their portfolio. To view a photo's caption on mobile devices, double-click the photo.
An irrigation pipe pushes pumped water from a well into an irrigation canal. The canal goes under a small bridge on a dusty rural highway. To the right of the pump stands a red wheel. The canal is lined with over-grown grass and weeds. In the distance stands Stukel Mountain and various farm shed buildings.
Three black cows stand in a yellow field. Behind the field are dozens of dark green Douglas Fir trees. It is sunset; the sky is light purple. Two power lines stand in the foreground of the photo above the trees.
A memorial for U.S. military veterans. Three flags stand center. The logos on the left and right flag cannot be read against their dark black shadow. The center flag is the flag of the United States of America. 13 stripes alternating red and white lie next to a blue square. On that blue square rest 50 white stars. The sky is clear blue.
A field of bright green horseradish leaves stands against the background of a yellow grain field. In the distance stand the rolling hills of the Upper Klamath Basin. Gray and white clouds line the distance avove a dozen green, bushy trees.
An image of five white sheep with black heads standing in a field of weeds against a gray-blue sky. One sheep is facing the camera with its head turned to the right, looking off into the distance.
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