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Thank you for the opportunity to share our stories and lives in Agriculture. The disconnect between empty food shelves and dry ag land needs to be brought to life. Farmers and ranchers actually DO want to feed America... if they will let us!
- Chelsea Shearer
The Project water is ag water, not fish water or flushing water. Never stop the fight for our truth and for the stored water to grow our food.
Congressman Doug LaMalfa
Great project highlighting our Ag Producers and the reality of all the struggles.
Keep telling the truth + taking/documenting beautiful + telling photographs. :)
Thank you! This is excellent!
This is our story! Our legacy.
Thank you for sharing!
Thank you! What a great project! 
The world needs to know!
Defining HOME <3
Great job!! Keep telling the story of Ag! This is amazing + something to be so proud of. Thank you!!
Klamath Basin Farmers <3
<3 to this tribute!CH
Whomever takes these Pictures has a great Eye for What Our Country + her People are all about! They are beautiful. Keep telling our (this Country's) story. A picture is worth a thousand words!LRC
Thank you so much. Great pictures. It is nice to see scenes of our local agricultural families and their importance in our day-to-day lives.
Please pictures of ducks eating while floating in the flooded "walking wetlands" on Lower Klamath as it is a threatened immoration by local fed cooperation [sic].
Wow, sweet photos!
Chelsea Shearer's captions are very politically charged, given water issues in the basin. Shearer is the most verbose captioner, so those comments cast a cone-sided light on the whole collection. Intentionally or not, this exhibit feels like it's picking a fight with environmentalists. Zach White. KCC, Collaborate! [sic] Chris Ward!
Photos all about farming in our beloved basin. It would be good to see photos of the farmers and ranchers helping the wildlife too. Raising beef, draining marshland and using chemicals have greatly harmed this large area. How about some photos from the Werner Farm north of K.F. on the west side of Hwy 97 where these farmers are working with water resource management by building a lake with nesting islands for the wild fowl [sic]. We all need to use solutions so all may survive. Thank you very much for your display.
Beautiful photos! They tell a story. Thanks!
Lovely photos, great colors. Gives great insight. Thank you for farming. ☮ + ❤️
I love all the photos! Thank you for sharing!! It's like an up close sneak peak [sic] behind the scenes. Klamath Falls is so beautiful! - Sara
Very elegant and professional!
5 stars! Good Job! - Dena
Chelsea Shearer has an artists' eye.
It's time to seriously reconsider how sustainable widespread ag is in the Klamat [sic] Basin. The best science says the area is undergoing longterm [sic] aridification. You can't squeeze blood from a turnip. And anyone that truly respects the Constitution supports us meeting all Treaty Obligations (re: water rights) to the Klamath Tribes because of the Supremacy Clause. Either learn to do w/ less water allotment or move somewhere better able to provide water. - Crystal
100% agree w/ above [Crystal]! Kudos to hardworking farmers & ranchers but changing times call for changing technologies. And the phrase "nevertheless we exist" [sic] should in any case apply to the Tribes!
I've seen many photovoice projects in my career, and just wanted to say you did a lovely job presenting the photos. Great work, all! - J.S.
Nice photo display! - DKB
No Ag = No food - stop crying, we all eat and need ag! Dawn
Evaluate the needs of the people of this community [sic] - the foundation of this living space many call home is Run by greed [sic] moron-type people that are negliencet [sic] in their education, caring & live with blinders on. OPEN your eyes and think beyond your nose - leaders that need to be replaced - Peg
P.S. photos speak for themselves.
What a wonderful profile of life in the Klamath Basin & what a great location to share with many. - Aly
Ag is critical - all living creatures in the Basin and beyond desperately need the water to sustain it. Thanks for the gorgeous reminder. Sell small books of these photos. I would buy several
I agree with the writer on the next page that "water is Life" [sic] is cultural apropriation [sic] by farmers. Less cattle would mean less climate change. You shouldn't be farming on land that's needs [sic] to be irrigated. Try raising crops that don't need so much water. Also - stop trying to steal the water from the Klamath Tribes and the salmon!
A beautiful display of what we as humans Have been Capable of
One Thing That Comes to mind is I really couldn't tell if these are local photos or Europe or Midwest Some look to be in a real foreign land [sic]. So we are just like everybody els [sic] in different ways.
"Water is Life" is a saying made very popular by the Pro-Treaty, Pro-Indigenous, Pro-Water Quality movement in Standing Rock ND [sic] when their water was threatened by a pipeline. Farmers and ranchers in this area continue to fuel racism toward local Natives and persistently try to negate their Treaty Right to the water here. So... using the quote on one of these photos is really rich. I hope yall [sic] start to do better.
A wonderful display of the backbone of America and a small example of how the [illegible] have to live. For survival one need the farmer for most of the city folk do not know one thing about produce work [sic].
I was pleasantly surprised by the Photovoice exhibit. The pictures/photographs are descriptive of what growing crops and livestock entails + the value of food, fiber, and environmental services they provide. Having lived in different regions of the U.S., both urban & rural, I highly support the effort to start a conversation between producers and consumers to facilitate better understanding on BOTH SIDES.
Love is Ya all [sic]
Thank You Klamath 
Thanks for sharing your perspective; that's so important - Jon
Thank you for sharing your photos. While I believe The Klamath Tribes need The water as well to keep The coptu and schasam [sic] going, I know you need water, Too. Tough times. Drought and climate change is a factor as well. Water in Klamath is controversial, but I know farmers and ranchers are hurting.
- Wendy W.
Very interesting exhibit. It offers a very unique perspective on ag in the basin.
As Someone who has lived my life in the Basin I stand with our Farmers and Ranchers. And although I do not rely on channel [sic] water I don't agree with shutting it off and stand with them when [sic] the government chooses to. Stay strong!
Christina Hoffman-Hodges
Beautiful - thank you!
Every word spoken + printed is TRUE!
The murdered animals with babies and smiles is disgusting <3
I love this display of agriculture / I feel "at home" coming from Wyoming and Idaho where potatoes, wheelines [sic], dairy cows, and cattle are plentiful. The reality of government shut downs is frustrating and scary! We supported our farmers that keeps [sic] our families fed + happy!😊
Need to focus on sustainable farming
Stop flooding fields to grow potatoes
Stop depleting ground water [sic]!!!
Tired hungry tired
Footsies sleepy hungry
Tired. Tahdah
The sheep ate the sage-brush hillside grass and made the trailers [sic] like Lattice work [sic]. Years later the same hills were grazed by cattle. Eventually a breed of cattle developed with one leg-side shorter than the other, so as to graze the old sheep trails. But they went extinct, so no one can check this history. - Jeff
Where are photos of the indigenous farmers, who came before us???
They are pretty - Bristol age-13
Beautiful representation of the Klamath Basin. Thank you so much for displaying! - Stacey Miller
Good to see these areas of Oregon. So impressed with Oregon's diversity [sic]. - D.M.
Stories that have to be told to a larger audience, crossing that urban-rural divide - great job!
Gary Guttridge
I implore you to take up the noble mission of farming/ranching. Return to your origin and fight against government control and mismanagement of natural resources. - Nate Cox
Well Done! Awesome display of farm live in every stage  Beginning to end. Shedding light and awareness of the lack of water and the outcome/detriment of these poorly managed decisions. Thank you for being here! Thank you for awesome display - it makes it "real" for people. Praying for rains, farmers especially in the Klamath Basin [sic]!
- Angie Hogen
Beauty at its Best (Life). We have a small Hobby farm, and we struggle, feel your pain in a smaller way. God Bless America and its farmers - big and small! - SB
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