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Thank you for the opportunity to share our stories and lives in Agriculture. The disconnect between empty food shelves and dry ag land needs to be brought to life. Farmers and ranchers actually DO want to feed America... if they will let us!
- Chelsea Shearer
The Project water is ag water, not fish water or flushing water. Never stop the fight for our truth and for the stored water to grow our food.
Congressman Doug LaMalfa
Great project highlighting our Ag Producers and the reality of all the struggles.
Keep telling the truth + taking/documenting beautiful + telling photographs. :)
Thank you! This is excellent!
This is our story! Our legacy.
Thank you for sharing!
Thank you! What a great project! 
The world needs to know!
Defining HOME <3
Great job!! Keep telling the story of Ag! This is amazing + something to be so proud of. Thank you!!
Klamath Basin Farmers <3
<3 to this tribute!CH
Whomever takes these Pictures has a great Eye for What Our Country + her People are all about! They are beautiful. Keep telling our (this Country's) story. A picture is worth a thousand words!LRC
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