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A photo of Hannah Whitley, a white woman in her mid-20s. Hannah has dark brown hair an inch past her collar bone. She is smiling and wearing silver hoop earrings and a gray jacket over a black shirt.

Who's running all this?

Me! My name is Hannah Whitley and I am the project coordinator for "Ag in the Basin." I moved to Klamath Falls in September 2021 to learn more about agriculture and water governance in the Basin for my PhD dissertation. While attending the 2021 Klamath Water Users Association Harvest Tour, I told a few folks about a photovoice project I coordinated in Pittsburgh, PA, as part of my Master's thesis. After enthusiastic feedback from folks in the Upper Basin wanting to share their stories in their own words, I began applying for grants to fund a photovoice project that will showcase the experiences of farmers and ranchers in the region.


Learn more about me at or reach out via email at

Photo courtesy of Talitha Etters, Three Grains Photography

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